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asie's Minecraft mods

Hello! This is a legacy wiki for Minecraft mods asie has been developing and/or helped develop. Right now it is a straight copy from asie's wiki (the future of which is unknown), so any first-person reference (“I”, “me” etc.) is referencing asie himself.

Try #computronics at for general mod discussion.

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Currently Maintained


  • AsieLib - a library required for all of my current mods (up to and including Minecraft 1.7.10)
  • Computronics - a computer peripheral/general technology mod!

Abandoned (asie)

  • AsieFixes - compatibility tweaks (like extra Metallurgy support)
  • AsieTweaks - a tweak mod for my modpacks (also includes ReCreate)
  • EnderNet (to be re-integrated with Computronics in ways) - cross-server item/message transport
  • Factorization Addons - adds extra ore support to Factorization; port from wha-ha-ha's 1.6.4 version
  • Immibis' Peripherals - an OpenComputers-supporting version of Immibis's Peripherals.
  • Modular Computing - a failed attempt at a computer mod
  • PonySocks - my first published mod ever, made for a private server back in late 2012-early 2013
  • ReCreate - an easy-to-use creative tab manipulation mod
  • Stackalizer - wireless redstone. I guess.
  • Chisel - a fork of AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN's Chisel for MC 1.7.2 and 1.6.4
  • KBI Enriched Gravel - a port of KBI's Enriched Gravel to Minecraft 1.6.4
  • Statues - a port of AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN's Statues to 1.7.x
  • PayPal: asiekierka “at” “Google's email service” dot “Google's email service's TLD”.
  • Email: kontakt “at” “the first four letters of my Nickname” dot pl.


  • asie for making awesome mods
  • Huge thanks to vifino for hosting this website (If you want to you can donate to him here)

This website is currently being maintained by Vexatos.

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