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This is an easy-to-use creative tab manipulation mod.

NOTE: No dependencies needed!


Hiding tabs

Go to main.cfg. Find an entry like this in the “hiddentabs” category:


Change the false to true and launch the game. The tab will now be hidden (other tabs will be rearranged to not leave an empty hole). Note that this also removes the items from the creative Search tab (but not NEI or TMI).

Moving blocks and items between tabs

The items.cfg file lists all the blocks and items that can be moved, like this:


Replace the “tabBiomesOPlenty” with the tab ID (those are listed along with the list of tabs to be hidden) you want to put the item or block in. You can also use “none” to hide the item completely. Next, save the items.cfg file.

Adding new tabs

You can use tabs.cfg to define new tabs. Here is an example:

  ccturtles {
      S:name=ComputerCraft Turtles

The icon* fields are the item ID and damage for the icon of the tab. The name is the name of the tab that will be displayed. The tab ID is the category name, such as “ccturtles”. You then use the tab ID to move items around.

Redirections (0.1.1+)

Add a line S:source=target to the redirections category in main.cfg to move all items from tab SOURCE to tab TARGET.


Minecraft 1.6.4


  • balance the mod and add Survival support

Version History

0.1.1 (22 April 2014)

  • Added: Redirections! Move items from source tab to target tab!
  • Fixed: A bug where search and inventory tabs could go into the wrong places if you tried to hide vanilla tabs.

0.1.0 (21 April 2014)

  • First release.
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