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An experimental noise/signal/etc.-based wireless redstone mod.



alpha4 (21 August 2014)

  • Uses AsieLib 0.3.0-alpha1!
  • BuildCraft, IC2 Classic and IC2 Experimental energy support.
  • Basic OpenComputers API.
  • Config option to specify preferred displayed type of energy.
  • Fixed config file generation.
  • Complete rewrite of the internal TE structure.

alpha3 (17 August 2014)

  • Project: Red bundled cable support.
  • Fixed a transmitter deregistration bug.
  • WAILA support.
  • Early implementation of multiblock antennas: stacking more metal blocks on top of your transmitter/receiver increases your signal strength!

alpha2 (16 August 2014)

  • RedLogic bundled cable support (also, bundled cables in general).
  • Complete refactor of huge chunks of the mod.
  • Many tweaks through the entire mod.
  • Fix config generation.

alpha1 (15 August 2014)

  • First “public” release. Redstone transmission and reception only. Might break quickly.
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