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Mods Minecraft has taken from

Next time someone says Mojang doesn't need modders, show them this!

NOTE: We're not implying that Mojang has taken ideas from all of them. All we know is that those things were in mods a long time before they got added by Mojang.


  • Pistons


  • Superflat biomes (a lot of Bukkit plugins)


  • Redstone Lamp


  • New commands (Bukkit plugins like Essentials)
  • Written books (Can't recall name; also, bukkit plugins)
  • Emeralds (arguable - emeralds in Minecraft are very different in usage than RP2's old Emeralds)
  • Ender Chests (EnderStorage)


  • Quartz blocks (reminiscent of RP2 Marble)
  • Hopper (BuildCraft Chute, Better than Wolves Hopper)
  • Proper snow heights (Better Snow)


  • Coal Block
  • Horses (Mo' Creatures/Simply Horses) (“Creation assisted & inspired by DrZhark of Mo' Creatures”)


  • Actual graphics configuration options (OptiFine)
  • AMPLIFIED (many custom biome generators)
  • Extra fish (Aquaculture)
  • Extra trees, new biomes, flowers (ExtraBiomesXL, Biomes O' Plenty)
  • Shaders
  • Stained Glass (too many to list; for example, TCon and Metallurgy)


  • Different wood types for doors, fences, etc. (a few mods did that already)
  • Armor Stand (BiblioCraft, some customization stuff from Statues)
  • Customize World Settings (BWG4, ATG)
  • Fancy doors (Carpenter's Blocks)
  • Improved fences (Fancy Fences)
  • Banners (CraftHeraldry)
  • Iron Trapdoors (I saw a mod like that in 1.6.4, I promise)
  • Slime Block (a combination of frames and Bounce Pads from TCon)
  • Underground stone types (RP2, Artifice, Geostrata, Underground Biomes)
  • “Grass blocks, dirt, sand, red sand, stone, Netherrack, bedrock, and TNT all have their top texture randomly rotated” (OptiFine)
  • “Threaded chunk rendering” (OptiFine)
  • Various new command line commands (Bukkit plugins like Essentials)
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