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This is a currently private fork of BuildCraft designed to:

  • use the Redstone Flux API externally in order to be compatible with the vibrant RF mod scene,
  • while at it, keep all BuildCraft mechanics in order (gates, BC-behaviour kinesis pipes, configurable perdition),
  • redesign the gate system to be more powerful and easier to make compatible with mods (with a possibility to create something akin to OpenPeripheral),
  • add miscellanous tweaks inspired by Advanced BuildCraft Objects, old BC versions and my own experiences in order to improve BuildCraft's gameplayability.


  • BuildCraft is a project by SpaceToad, CovertJaguar, and many other contributors I may have forgotten about.
  • Redstone Flux is an API created by KingLemming.
  • RedBuildCraft is initially developed by me, asie, though assistance with porting machines to RF was provided by the “Starchasers” Polish development group.


Currently none, unless you ask me nicely or find a copy yourself. I expect a working test build to be out somewhere around the 8th of September.

To beta-testers: Yes, feel free to distribute your copy of the mod! It's yours. If you feel it's a good idea to publish it, go ahead and do so - I won't stop you. I just wish it stayed private as it is not fully representative of what I want RedBuildCraft to be.


On the main wiki page, I'm sometimes in IRC (#computronics) so catch me there.



Yes, the port is officially sanctioned by SpaceToad: tweet link here

  • Q: Wait, what is this again? Did you ruin BuildCraft?
  • A: No. Let me explain.

I created RedBuildCraft in response to BuildCraft 6's bugginess and general inconsistency. It began as a private fork for my modded server. I set out with the goal of simplifying the API and making the mod more compatible, which is closer to both my (and many other people I asked about it's) vision of how the mod should work and should hopefully make it more stable.

This is not “BuildCraft ported to RF”. This is “RF with BuildCraft mechanics” - that is, the energy acts as faithfully to Minecraft Joules as it is possible. This also combats the misconception that “RF is simple and boring by design” - the mod proves you can use the RF API alone, with no extensions, to replicate MJ's unique energy system.

My goal with RedBuildCraft is both to create a far more compatible “public utility mod” that supports a lot of mods outside the usual BuildCraft/Forestry/RailCraft group, as well as redesign some aspects of the mod to fit that and ensure BuildCraft's survival in the changing mod ecosystem.

  • Q: But this is illegal!
  • A: No, it's not. BuildCraft's license, as well as SpaceToad himself, permit forking BuildCraft and creating custom versions of it. It began as a private fork, but due to huge excitement and interest from the few people I talked about it to, I decided to make the project more public.
  • Q: Will this be added to BuildCraft's mainline?
  • A: I would be more than happy to hear from SpaceToad and possibly integrate it to BuildCraft itself! This is NOT an attempt to kill BuildCraft - I genuinely want to help the mod survive and become the best core energy mod in the Minecraft modding scene for the more engineer-y people.
  • Q: What is RedBuildCraft compatible with for now?
  • A: RedBuildCraft is primarily compatible with the Redstone Flux API for energy. In addition, support is provided for the BuildCraft 5 MJ API (Forestry and RailCraft use it; Binnie's mods *do not* use it).
  • Q: Is it even possible to keep MJ mechanics with RF?
  • A: Yes! All MJ mechanics were enforced by the Kinesis Pipes only, except perdition - there is a way to do perdition on the pipe side, though, so stay tuned!
  • Q: How can I help?
  • A: Primarily bugtesting. Also, if you're a mod author, do NOT make your RF support activate only when TE is installed (you know who you are)!
  • Q: Do you know what you're doing and promise not to turn BuildCraft into something boring or what it never was intended to be?
  • A: Yes! That's why there is no public release yet, for one. For two, I wanted to do this for a long time.
  • Q: What BuildCraft version is this for?
  • A: BuildCraft 6.0.17, but I want to add features from 6.1 and above later on.
  • Q: You're an asshole.
  • A: I don't think this belongs in mainline, personally - also, arguments about forks are moot, as I am aware of at least two BuildCraft forks (the first “one” is CJ's takeover of BuildCraft, there are a few more scattered on GitHub).
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