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Immibis' Microblocks

This is a mod that adds very compatible microblocks. See the config file after first run.


Compatible Mods

All of them! - No, seriously, literally every mod out there is compatible with Immibis' Microblocks if you add their block and tile entity class to the config file. You can also automatically detect cuttable blocks on the client side by setting a config option. This section will therefore only list mods with official support, complete with blocking sides appropriately and whatnot.


Minecraft 1.7.2


Version History

58.0.0 (20 March 2014)

  • Ported to Minecraft 1.7.2.

How to add support in 4 simple steps!

So you're a mod developer and want to add support for Immibis' Microblocks while not depending on Immibis' Core? Well, contrary to popular belief, that's possible without writing a ClassTransformer!

  • Add markers to your Block and TileEntity classes that signify that those classes should be transformed. The fields can be of any access level (private, protected, public) and any type. Example:
  public int ImmibisMicroblocks_TransformableTileEntityMarker;
  public int ImmibisMicroblocks_TransformableBlockMarker;
  • Add a dummy function that will be overwritten by Immibis' code if the mod is loaded to your TileEntity. Again, any access level is supported, but it must not be static. Example:
  boolean ImmibisMicroblocks_isSideOpen(int side) { return true; }
  • Add a function that is called every time a microblock is placed or removed. Fill it with your own code for updating side connections. Example:
  void ImmibisMicroblocks_onMicroblocksChanged() { /* stuff goes here */ }
  • Profit! Your code is now fully compatible with Immibis' Microblocks.

There is no way to add a CuttableBlockMarker yet, but that should be added in 58.1.0.

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