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 +====== Radar ======
 +The **Radar** lets you gather information about what entities (players and/or mobs) are nearby. The information is a table of entity names and distances from the radar, with the option of also including relative coordinates as well. If power is provided and OpenComputers is used, a considerable amount of power is required to scan large areas. If ComputerCraft is used, there is a delay between scans.
 +===== Recipe =====
 +**NOTE:** The stone bricks used can be any type of stone bricks.
 +{{ :​wiki:​computronics:​radarblock_recipe.png |}}
 +===== API =====
 +==== OpenComputers/​ComputerCraft ====
 +^ Command ^ Added in ^ Description ^ Usage ^
 +| getEntities() | 0.5.0 | Gets nearby entities. | This is an expensive operation that requires twice as much energy/time to process than others, but gets all players and mobs. |
 +| getPlayers() | 0.5.0 | Gets nearby players. | This will only get back actual player entities, and not unregistered fake players (Robots and Turtles). |
 +| getMobs() | 0.5.0 | Gets nearby mobs. | This will report back the names of the mobs, which can be masked with Name Tags. |
 +| getItems() | 1.4.4 | Gets nearby items floating on the ground. | This will report back the names of the items, metadata, the stack size and if they have an NBT tag. |