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The Radar lets you gather information about what entities (players and/or mobs) are nearby. The information is a table of entity names and distances from the radar, with the option of also including relative coordinates as well. If power is provided and OpenComputers is used, a considerable amount of power is required to scan large areas. If ComputerCraft is used, there is a delay between scans.


NOTE: The stone bricks used can be any type of stone bricks.



Command Added in Description Usage
getEntities() 0.5.0 Gets nearby entities. This is an expensive operation that requires twice as much energy/time to process than others, but gets all players and mobs.
getPlayers() 0.5.0 Gets nearby players. This will only get back actual player entities, and not unregistered fake players (Robots and Turtles).
getMobs() 0.5.0 Gets nearby mobs. This will report back the names of the mobs, which can be masked with Name Tags.
getItems() 1.4.4 Gets nearby items floating on the ground. This will report back the names of the items, metadata, the stack size and if they have an NBT tag.
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