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Cipher Block

The Cipher Block lets you encrypt and decrypt messages using an innovative ripped off from OpenEnder method - item stacks! Your unique items will create the key used for encryption.


NOTE: The stone bricks can be any type of stone bricks.

Usage (Computer API)

Setting the key

The key is derived from the six item stacks in the Cipher Block's inventory. Remember that the item stacks need to be identical every time you want to encrypt/decrypt a message with the same key.


Command Description Usage
encrypt(plaintext) Encrypts a plaintext message. Returns a base64-encoded, encrypted message.
decrypt(encrypted_message) Decrypts a base64-encoded, encrypted message. Returns the original plaintext message.


Address Read Write
0x00, 0x02 … 0x1E 32 bytes (16 words) of memory. 32 bytes (16 words) of memory.
0x20 1 on error, 0 on success 1 - encrypt the 32 bytes of memory, 2 - decrypt the 32 bytes of memory

Usage (RedLogic/Project: Red)

Send a bundled cable signal on the side marked in red - the encrypted data will come out on the side marked in blue. To decrypt, repeat the same process - send the encrypted data on the side marked in red, get the decrypted data on the side marked in blue.

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