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 +====== Things I Would Like ======
 +**NOTE:** I am based in Poland, so shipping is a factor you should take in before sending any heavyweight stuff.
 +**NOTE 2:** I am ready to help pay for the gift if it's particularly expensive. I am also ready to take feature requests and mod idea requests in exchange for gifts.
 +**NOTE 3:** If the thing you would like to give me is not on the list, feel free to ask anyway!
 +**NOTE 4:** The list will be updated as I see fit.
 +  * Figurines, soundtrack/character song CDs and merchandise from anime series, as well as manga in general (translated to English, to Polish or not at all). I also hold //Nichijou// very close to my heart.
 +  * Books. Programming books. Especially some of the older ones, they're really interesting.
 +  * Online gift cards and vouchers of any kind.
 +  * Old gaming consoles of any kind, if they can run from 220V and/or can have an AC adapter adapted to it.
 +  * Hugs.
 +  * Old computing-related stuff, things from the 80s and early 90s work particularly well.
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