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Binaries License

The official builds of my mods (all JARs downloadable on this website) are released under a custom use license.

You may include the mod in your modpack if, and only if, you follow the following terms:

  • Credit for the author is given somewhere in a visible place on a website (a “credits” link on forums or the website is probably enough; if the pack has no website, information in the launcher or included ZIP file or installer is enough; if the pack has no installer or ZIP file, what?),
  • You're not a dick about usage of the mod.

For non-modpack distribution (that is, distribution of the mod as a separate entity, or on an archival website, or bundled with an installer, or etc.), follow the regular source license.

The license has changed for binaries on the 29th of July after I found out there is a server making over $2000 a month by taking other people's mods and not even listing the names of the mods anywhere. This is depressing. I am not making big demands, I just want to get the credit I believe I deserve for spending hours on making mods for what is essentially free.

I would additionally be very grateful that, if you make big amounts of money off my mods, share a little bit of that money via Patreon or PayPal. This is not a requirement, but it would definitely make me very happy and I believe it's good to share things. (Failing that, you can send me anime figurines. Email for more details.)

Source Code License

All of the source code of the mods for Minecraft I created are licensed under the MIT License, unless otherwise specified. This includes modifications for which the source code has not been released.

Please, treat the license with care. I put my mods under a permissive license as I trust the community to not do stupid stuff with it. If stupid stuff is done, I might be forced to change the license (of course, past versions of the mods will legally stay under the old license).

Below lies the simplified explanation ofdone, I might be forced to change the license (of course, past versions of the mods will legally stay unde what you can and cannot do. Legally, you are bound by the terms of the MIT license above; this is merely a simple interpretation for those of you who cannot into lawyerspeak.

What you CAN do

  • Use the mod however you want
  • Redistribute the mod however you want (almost; creating your own links is permitted only if you rehost the mod, otherwise I cannot promise blocking the URL on my side to save bandwidth costs)
  • Modify the mod however you want
  • Redistribute the modified versions of the mod however you want
  • Redistribute the modified versions of the mod without the accompanying source code however you want
  • Decompile the mod to do whatever you want
  • Recompile the mod to do whatever you want
  • Put extra restrictions on your modified version or change the license entirely, bar one exception below
  • Steal the mod and claim it is yours, bar one exception below (though I will be sad if you do it, it is permitted as per the license)

What you CANNOT do

  • Redistribute the mod, modified versions of it or substantial portions of the code in any way, shape or form without including the LICENSE file. (Include the LICENSE file in its entirety either on your website, the GitHub repo of your modified version or, if you do not wish to release source code, in the JAR file).
  • Treat me as responsible for any damages, issues or bugs caused by my mods. (But I can fix them if you ask nicely)

Ports License

My ports of Minecraft mods are all released under the respective licenses of their original authors.

To the original authors: If you come back, you are free to use my ports as part of your own development tree. I hereby give all my rights as the rightsholder of the changes and permit you to use my changes in any way, shape or form.

Wiki License

All the written content and images used on this wiki, with the exception of content and images I do not own (such as the wiki logo) is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license. Feel free to use it on your wiki or anything.

Some general notes

For the source, the LICENSE file restriction is explicitly pointed out as it has been broken at least once in the history of Minecraft modding (however, it was not about my mods); therefore, I want to stay safe. Anyone who fails to include the LICENSE file will be haunted by me and my legion of weeaboos.

For the binaries, I expect people smart enough to compile their own mod to be smart enough to not do stupid stuff.

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