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MaryTTS is a free and open-source Text-To-Speech synthesizer made by the DFKI. More information about the system itself can be found on their website.

Installation for Computronics

Due to the size of the system, MaryTTS is not included in Computronics by default. To be able to use the Speech Box in Computronics, you need to install MaryTTS on the server; no processing happens on the client side so clients do not necessarily need it unless you would like to use the Speech Box on a singleplayer instance.


Computronics requires three files to be installed in a directory called 'marytts/' inside your game instance's directory (where your 'mods/' directory is): The TTS system itself, a language and a corresponding voice. Due to dependency issues inside a Minecraft instance, Computronics requires a custom version of the normal runtime jar file you can get on the website. You can get it here:

Furthermore, you need to choose a language and a corresponding voice; download those two files and put them into the directory. Various languages (including English) are available in Mary's official download zip file (in its 'libs/' subdirectory), but others can be found on the Internet as well. Once you have chosen the language you would like the speech box to speak, you need to choose a voice speaking that language. A female US English voice is included in Mary's main zip file, but other English voices as well as voices for other languages can be found on the MaryTTS GitHub organization.

Once the server has those three files available in the 'marytts/' directory, the speech box should be able to speak the installed language with the installed voice.

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